It’s the first morning after a long Easter weekend and for some reason I cannot focus on work so I think I am going to screw around on MySpace for ten minutes then grab a coffee and see if I can shake the Monday’s!

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve posted anything on MySpace or really even changed my profile. I remember there was a time when my long time bro-roommate and I would change our pages 30 times a day, post a new video, comic, or interesting fact and were in a death match competition for page views. Wow how times have changed.

Like the majority of once avid MySpace users I have defected to Facebook too. When doing this I took several of the lessons I learned from MySpace and carried them over for a purer social networking experience. To be honest with you I made a mess out of my MySpace online life trying to have as many friends as Tila Tequila one day and then in a manic fury deleting everyone the next! I didn’t want to replicate those behaviors on Facebook.

For about a year I didn’t tell anyone I had a Facebook profile and just slowly added friends from elementary school through college as I came across them. Then one day I decided that was going to be my rule. Facebook was only going to be for friends from my past that I knew I would not keep in touch with unless it was through a social networking site. So far it’s worked out fine and people who have requested my friending that didn’t meet those requirements have been cool with my explanation. Although I’m sure they probably think I’m being somewhat of a divo, whatever.

Now I contribute a Sacramento blog, well it’s actually my own blog (as narcissistic as that is right?), have three twitter accounts to support my social networking habits, and recently launched Sacramento’s very own Dating and Singles Site Facebooking has taken a backseat to my endless and mindless tweeting, Foursquare Check-ins, quasi informative blog posts and Yelp reviews. If you’re curious and want to keep up with me these days please follow me on Twitter @SacramentoMarko my blog @Grubzilla or @DateTheGrid and I’ll follow you right back.

I feel like I lost my social networking virginity to MySpace. Sometimes I miss all the stupid and oh so important (in the moment) games and competitions that it caused around my house. Remember having those random MySpace friends that you added or that added you but you didn’t know ahead of time? Uh what am I talking about, hello gateway drug for Twitter… Well anyhow one of those friends recently got married and I felt so happy for her I nearly shed a tear. Only nearly because then I was like (in my head), “You sappy dork you never even met her in real life!” and I had a sip of coffee and forgot about it.

My last year of using MySpace was for it’s Music feature. I spent many a night listening to new music I wished they played on KWOD. (Yes Jamie I still call it KWOD and no I won’t move on!) I was exposed to one of my favorite bands, MGMT about a year before the radio grabbed ahold of them and played them to death. MySpace made listening to local bands easy too. I remember my friend Derra telling me about how amazing a musician her friend Billy Blackburn was. I was like, “Yeah cool, I’ll check him out sometime, whatever…” Then low and behold I see him on her profile, check him out, and ended up listening to the four songs he had on his profile on repeat for 4 days straight. Billy’s music is amazing. If you like rockin music with a ton of soul and energy behind it you should check him out too. I used to love putting new music up on my profile to let my friends know what I was into for the day. Now I can’t even figure out how to update my playlist. Damn you MySpace!

Well it’s been great thanks for joining me on my quick trip down memory lane. I’m curious to know if anyone still uses MySpace and if so what for. If you are please let me know I would love to hear from you or drop me friend request!